Homeschool Help: Tutoring and Consultation


Homeschool Help: Tutoring and Consultation

With schools cancelled indefinitely in some areas, we’re here to help. Lanie Goodell and associate have more than twenty years in homeschooling and traditional education. Need a consultation to get started? A little extra help with tutoring those subjects that might not be in your wheelhouse? We can do both.

Lanie has been a homeschool mom and substitute teacher since 2009. Her associate, Teri, successfully homeschooled two students through elementary, middle, and high school. Both went on to succeed in college. One is now partner in an IT firm and the other (Lanie) has multiple college degrees and is a professional substitute for the local school district and licensed to substitute teach in two states.

Homeschooling can be scary when it is a decision that was thrust upon you. The confusion of knowing what the kids have to learn and how to teach it, makes us appreciate our public school teachers all the more. BUT! The good news is you’re not alone. Teri and Lanie are both available for consultations and tutoring, either by phone or by video call. Let us help you make this an easy transition and ensure that your students are successfully ready to restart public school when they open.

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