Services and Prices

Consultation services: 

We will help you with how to homeschool, what to teach, and how to make it fun! For parents who have never done this before, being in charge of your child’s education may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to. We’ll walk you through how to get started.

30 minute introductory session: $10

This session can occur via phone or video call. Either Teri or Lanie will help you assess where you are and what your next steps are. Further consultation appointments will be discussed and a schedule set up based on your individual needs.


Tutoring services: 

Some subjects are beyond us as parents and that’s ok. If you haven’t taken a class in twenty years, how can you be expected to remember all the details. That’s where we come in. If there’s something you don’t remember how to do, or your child is just not understanding the way you present it, we can help.

30 minute introduction session: $10

During the first, thirty minute session, Teri or Lanie will meet your child and assess the topic that needs to be learned. A tutoring schedule will be set up based on your child’s needs.

50 minute sessions: $20

Researchers have determined that 50 minute work sessions are best for maximum learning. During the 50 minute sessions, your student will get our undivided attention to learn whatever topic with which they need the most help.


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