Denying His Identity: Detective William West is proud of the work he does. Though his family is part of an ancient bloodline that makes him a Bestienmörder, he refuses to use his gift to eliminate the evil around him. With a strong sense of morality, he is proud to let the justice system do its work.

Defying Her Nature: Anna Bradford decided long ago that she would be a Gute Hexen and not a wicked witch. Though dark magic encircles the world, Anna lives in constant tension with the good magic she could do, and the dark magic that tempts her soul.

A grizzly crime brings William and Anna together on a case that soon leaves the realm of “normal” and leads them on a hunt for answers, for identity, for destiny, and for the chance at love. But will the darkness win? Or does love hold the light?


Lanie’s second novel, Lunae Lumen was released February 25, 2020 and is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. A vampire with a violent past. A Denver police detective searching for a serial killer. She’ll have to put aside her prejudice of everything he is to catch her killer, but can she do that and remain alive?

You can find Lunae Lumen HERE. Currently only $2.99!



Click HERE to purchase Lanie’s debut novel, Salvagium. The chilling tale of a woman running from her nightmares, Salvagium will keep the reader on edge until the last page.

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