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Kindergarten New Readers – Following the Adventures of Abbee the Dog is a fun way for new readers to learn their sight words. Kindergarten is full of new things to learn, and sometimes, that can get overwhelming. Abbee the Dog to the rescue! Abbee likes to play and take walks and learn new things, just like your kindergartener. Using the list of 100 sight words that Colorado utilizes in combination with the Dolch list, author Lanie Goodell calls on her teaching experience and her degree in psychology to craft short sentences that are easily digestible by the youngest readers.


Adventures with Abbee the Dog

Meet Abbee the Dog

Follow the adventures of Abbee the Dog as we learn to read and recognize important words for kindergarten. Learning to read can be frustrating. But! Learning to read with an awesome companion like Abbee the dog is much more fun! Using the Colorado list of sight words for kindergarten as your guide, learn to identify the key words necessary while following the adventures of the coolest dog in town.

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Abbee the Dog Takes a Walk

Abbee the dog takes a walk and along the way your little reader picks up ten new sight words! Building on the words from book one, the youngest readers will delight in the new adventures of the coolest dog in town.

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Let’s learn to read together with the help of our friend, Abbee the Dog.