Book Coaching

What is a Book Coach? Essentially, I’m a book whisperer… Stuck in the middle of a work in progress? Don’t know exactly where you’re going or where you want to end up? That’s where I come in!

You send me your unfinished manuscript. I’ll read through, trusty (not red!) pen in hand, and make comments throughout the manuscript. Then, at the end, I give you some directions I can see the story going. There are times I pick up on little things you unconsciously included, but hadn’t yet seen.

It can be frustrating to get to the middle of a story and feel like you must have messed up somewhere because everything grinds to a screeching halt. Don’t put the manuscript away (or worse, burn it!). Let me take a look!


  • $00.75 a page
  • $15.00 minimum (I love short stories!)
  • If this is the second in a series, and I would need to read the first book to understand the story, it is the author’s responsibility to send me a copy of the first book. (I love signed copies! It is a tiny piece of the author and I treasure them.)
  • Add $10.00 for an expedited return time based on the length of the novel. This will be discussed before an agreement is reached.


  • Reading times vary depending on workload. To get an up to date estimate, use the email address below. Please include the genre of your work in progress, the word count, and if there are deadlines pending.

Email me at to discuss rates and a time frame for your manuscript.