Editing Team

I’m pleased to introduce you to the two best editors in the world. They take what I’ve imagined and help me clarify so you can see the movie in my head when you read my words.
Jen Ownbey is a native of North Carolina. By day she is the office manager for a physical therapy office (a great resource for those of us that write horror and need someone to ask about human anatomy). She was part of the editing process for David Talon’s novel , Shadow Waits, and his screenplay for Last King of the Maya. She was also the first set of eyes on Nick Garlich’s book, Now What Do I Eat?, a cookbook for those battling medical conditions. Jen has recently taken on another client in the speculative fiction genre. She shares her writing wisdom with the world HERE
Stephanie Caraway holds an LLM in in Finance Law and an undergrate degree in International Business. She has a passion for traveling and has explored many of the places some of us only dream of seeing. I was fortunate to meet Stephanie through our work with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment before she had the opportunity to focus on her art and, of course, editing. Stephanie has an eye for pottery and painting. You can find her work HERE