The Horror Writer Goes to Kindergarten

Anyone who follows my authoring adventure knows that most everything I write is for adults/older teens. Either horror (with all it’s fun psychotic gore) or modern day fairy tales with enough physics thrown in to make it interesting (and also characters in their 30s and 40s). However, Amazon will soon send out the notification to anyone who follows me there that there are two new titles under my name. And you might be a bit surprised by what they are.

My nephew is one of my favorite people on the planet. He’s five. He desperately wants to know how to read because he’s explained to me that he can know ANYTHING if he can read. I seriously love that kid. His Grammie got him a couple of new reader books and neither of us was impressed. For one, they’re too long. He doesn’t have a chance to learn the words he needs to know before they’re throwing a bunch more brand new words at him. For another, the words are too advanced so he can’t learn them quickly enough to not lose interest.

There are 100 sight words on the kindergarten list for Colorado. I combined those with the pre-k and kindergarten Dolch lists. Then I picked a topic he likes. He LOVES dogs and Abbee the Dog is one of his favorite dogs. She lives with me and my son and takes exceptionally good care of her humans. Thus, Adventures with Abbee the Dog was born. (She even has a bio at the back of each book so the kids can know more about her!)

So far, there are two titles in her series. There will be many more, each with a few more words, but building on the words learned in the books that came before.

I got a call yesterday telling me another new reader got her copies. They’re written at the same level she needs and she was able to read all but a few words alone. She loved them, she loved Abbee the Dog, and she was so excited that there was a book she could read (almost entirely) by herself. Y’all, I cried. Not gonna lie. It’s been a long week of first days (and more to come… first day of Tuesday students, first day of my own college… again… and first day of Friday students later on this week). I’m tired. But knowing that I’ve made a difference in the lives of two of my favorite small humans? It made all the tired worth it.

So, if you’re one of my adult readers (or the teenagers that read my books EXCEPT the one with the doll on the front), that’s why the new books are not what you’d expect. I’m focusing some of my attention on kindergarten learning right now. It’s where I’m needed this year and that’s important to me.