The #MeToo movement has taken over the internet since its inception. It’s important. It’s important that little girls that suffer something so horrific know they aren’t alone.

Today, the movement made me angry. No, that’s not true. The fact that the movement is necessary makes me angry. The situation makes me angry. My grandmother was abused, my mother was abused, I was abused, and the next generation, one specific little girl who has a huge piece of my heart, may have been, too. Why is this still happening? Why are we still having to walk little girls through the process of a medical exam when they should be learning how to read? Why are we still accepting this as the norm???

I’m angry. I’m angry that we live in a world where I have to worry about my princess who isn’t even my daughter. I’m angry that I worry about my son because his best friend is a girl. I love that girl. She’s awesome. But they are constantly monitored when they’re together so he can never be accused of anything. I’m angry because we should be able to stop this, we should be able to protect our children.

But here’s the worst part… I CAN’T do ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! All I can do is teach the men in my life what is acceptable and what isn’t. I can only teach the little girls in my life how to protect themselves and watch them carefully when they’re with me.

Please, I beg all of you, please teach your children what is okay. Please watch them. Protect them. Love them with everything you are and notice the warning signs for the times you can’t be with them.

I love my children. The one I bore and the ones I lay claim to in spite of their having loving parents of their own. I only hope that their children live in a world with less fear and less anger. A world where they don’t have to feel like I do tonight, wishing with every particle of my being that I could protect all the little people.


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